Commemoration of the Apostles

The Apostles are commemorated on the first Tuesday of the month. Paul is commemorated on the second Tuesday of December. St. James the Righteous (the author of the Epistle of James) receives double honour in the Church of Jerusalem and is commemorated throughout the year on the first Tuesday and Thursday of each month.

  • January-December: James the Righteous (first Tuesdays, Thursdays)
  • February: Peter (first Tuesday)
  • March: John the Beloved (first Tuesday)
  • April: Matthew (first Tuesday)
  • May: James (first Tuesday)
  • June: Philip (first Tuesday)
  • July: Bartholomew (first Tuesday)
  • August: Andrew (first Tuesday)
  • September: James bar Alphaeus (first Tuesday)
  • October: Thomas (first Tuesday)
  • November: Matthias (first Tuesday)
  • December: Simon (first Tuesday), Paul (second Tuesday)