Readings for 18 November 2021

Readings for 18 November
1 Chronicles 11-12; Hebrews 13; Amos 7; Luke 2

We commemorate the memory of the following Saints today:

Martyr Platon of Ancyra (266 AD)
He was born in Ancyra in Galatia. He refused to renounce Christ, for which he was beaten and tortured mercilessly. He was cast into prison more than once because of his steadfast faith. Eventually, he was offered another opportunity to renounce Christ, but again he refused. Agrippina had him murdered.

Martyrs Zacchaeus and Alphaeus, of Caesarea in Israel (303 AD)
These two saints lived during the reign of emperor Diocletian. Similar to St. Platon, they refused to renounce Christ or make offerings to pagan deities. For their refusal, both were beheaded.

St. Odo of Cluny
“Odo of Cluny” was an abbot in France. He lived between 878 and 942.