Welcome to the homepage for the Eastern Rite Congregations in Communion with the Catholicos Patriarch. This site serves as an information portal for congregations, families and individuals who practice their faith in one of the Spiritual Communities associated with the Eastern Rite.

The Eastern Rite (officially known as the “Orthodox Rite Church of Jerusalem”) consists of the Hebrew Catholic Church of Mar Ya’aqub, the Orthodox Meshichyim (Eduth HaMizrach), the True Aramaic Catholic Church, Orthodox Christians in Communion with the Catholicos Patriarch, the Old Order English Rite Church, Saint Thomas Christians, and Syrian Anglicans. These communities are directly under the Addereth (Spiritual Mantle) of the Catholicos Patriarch. Presently His Holiness is merging these various spiritual communities as one single entity.

Visitors seeking additional information about our faith are invited to join our discussion group to ask questions or seek clarification.

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